Sheer Brazilian Bikini

Another sexy style of the Brazilian bikini style is the sheer Brazilian bikini.  Made of light and thin mesh fabric, these bikinis add a whole new level of sexy to the already sexy Brazilian bikini.  For anyone who’s uncertain what the Brazilian bikini is, no worries, we’ve got the info.  Compared to the basic bikini bottom, the Brazilian version has a lot less material.  There’s usually a much lower rise as the top edge sits on the hips.  Coverage in the front is ample while some more extreme styles prefer to offer only a scant minimum.  Side details differ from brand to brand but it’s usually a thin strap or string ties.  The back of the traditional Brazilian skim the fabric off the sides to allow a touch of extra side to be exposed for a cheeky look.  It allows you to show off some skin without baring it all.  Of course, there are some Brazilian styles that do bare it all with thongs and g-strings in the back to create a truly sexy look.  Generally, if the bottom has a low rise and shows off some degree of cheek, it’s considered a Brazilian.  Now that you’re in the know, you can go back to considering the sexiness of the sheer Brazilian bikini.  With a style that’s already sexy with this skin-showing design, having it made of sheer fabric is practically jaw-dropping.  Not only are you showing off some cheek but now you’re teasing by wearing slightly see-through fabric!  The effect is even more pronounced if you get in the water.  So, if you’re not shy about letting some cheek peek out and not timid about letting some areas be visible, maybe the sheer Brazilian bikini is just what you’re looking for.