Sexy Brazilian Bikini

By now it’s become fairly apparent that anything Brazilian is just plain sexy.  Sexy Brazilian women, sexy Brazilian beaches, sexy Brazilian waxes and, of course, the sexy Brazilian bikini.  The bikini itself is already rather sexy if you give it some thought.  When it was first revealed in 1946 it caused a huge uproar and was considered scandalous.  Back then it was outrageous to think about exposing your midriff in a two-piece suit and showing off so much skin with the high French cut bottom was unthinkable.  It was simply unladylike.  Eventually women started embracing the bikini and nowadays we have much skimpier versions of the original bikini.  The usual bikini has a top of some style, the most popular being the a triangle, halter and bandeau with a bottom that’s similar to the basic brief.  It has full coverage in the front, back and sides.  The Brazilian style, which is sexier, has a low rise and reduces the amount of coverage offered in the back.  The result is much more skin that gets to tan in the rays of the sun.  The amount of coverage in the back ranges anywhere from partial coverage to a minimal g-string that gives maximum exposure.  Either way, by showing off your backside in one of these, the sexy Brazilian bikini definitely causes a stir.

If you’re feeling daring and confident, the Brazilian bikini is a great way to spruce up your bikini collection and up the amount of fun you have at the beach.  It might seem a little scandalous at first but, as with the original bikini, you’ll come around to it.  In fact, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy the attention wearing one will bring so why not give it a go?