Brazilian Micro Bikini

Brazilian bikinis, while very flirtatious, are not as sexy as the Brazilian micro bikini.  The tinier, skimpier version of the Brazilian, the micro style is about as tiny as it gets.  The traditional Brazilian bikini style has a low rise with full front coverage.  The back generally has it’s sides skimmed off so that more skin from your cheeks can peek through.  It’s a flirty style, no doubt, as it offers only a peek of what’s underneath while leaving the rest to your imagination – it’s appeal is in it’s subtlety.  Now, the micro version, as you can imagine from the name, is a much smaller version of the traditional style.  Looks vary from brand to brand but usually the rise is still ultra low.  Coverage in the front is more minimal and there’s usually only the necessary amount of fabric offered to cover the front.  In the back, there’s less fabric than the traditional Brazilian with either a thong or g-string.  With these bottoms comes maximum exposure with minimum fabric so be sure you’re confident in your physique before wearing these to the beach!

With micro bikini styles comes the need for bikini waxing.  Since there’s so little fabric to cover your private areas, more attention needs to be paid to the grooming of those same areas.  Don’t assume you’ll have the same coverage as your full bottomed bikini briefs so avoid the potential embarrassment and wax or shave the areas that need to be waxed or shaved!  Also, with additional skin being exposed to the sun, take care to wear sunscreen and reapply it often.  As with any burn, getting one on your bum is going to an especially uncomfortable experience so take precautions to avoid getting one.  Other than that, just go out and enjoy the feeling of being nearly nude in public!