Bikini Waxing Tips

The flinch factor in bikini waxes is pretty much unavoidable.  Though they’re always going to be uncomfortable, here are some bikini waxing tips that can help bring down the degree of ouch.

When you call in to make your appointment, schedule it on a day that isn’t during or around the days of your period.  There’s the obvious reason why it’s not a good idea but your bikini area is much more sensitive the days leading up to your period and waxing can be much more uncomfortable.  If you have a bit of hair growing back from your previous session, you’re going to have to wait til it’s a little bit longer.  Waxing requires an optimum hair length of 1/4″ so that the wax has something to adhere to and can be successfully removed during the procedure.  Anything less than that length isn’t going to come out and you’ll have to go through all that discomfort for nothing.  Bikini waxing is an intimate procedure so please take a shower before heading in for your appointment.  Waxing works best on clean, dry skin so don’t even think about heading in for one of you’ve come straight from the gym.  Make sure you have a fresh pot of wax being warmed up for you.  Using leftovers from someone else’s wax session can spread germs and all kinds of nasty things so don’t be afraid to ask and check.

There are certain things you should keep in mind after the waxing is over.  Definitely avoid hot showers, baths, hut tubs and anything of that nature.  You’re going to be tender for a day or two so give yourself some down time or else you’ll risk serious discomfort. When you do hit the showers, remember to exfoliate the waxed area with a loofah or washcloth.  Doing so will help you avoid developing any ingrown hairs.

As with any procedure, ask plenty of questions.  It’s your right as a paying customer so make sure you’re comfortable before going ahead with it.