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Brazilian Bikini Bottom

The Brazilian bikini bottom is arguably one of the sexiest bikini styles that come out since the invention of the bikini itself.  Back when the bikini was first introduced in 1946, both women and men were shocked and appalled by such revealing swimwear.  No proper woman in her right mind would ever dare to wear such scandalous swimwear – it was simply out of the question.  Luckily, as with all things in fashion, opinions evolved and as women started to rally for their independence, the bikini gained momentum in its popularity.  Soon, the bikini became the norm and designers dove into creating new styles for women to sport.  Eventually, we graduated to skimpier styles with lower rises, string ties and less fabric overall and that’s where the evolution of the bikini had progressed to until Brazil offered its own take on the two-piece and came out with brazilian bikinis, a new low cut style that’s becoming hugely popular among beach-goers worldwide.

In the country that’s almost become synonymous with sexy, the average bikini bottom just wasn’t cutting it.  The voluptuous and curvy women of Brazil wanted something a lot sexier to wear to the beach and their solution was the Brazilian bikini bottom.  Compared to the typical bikini bottom, the Brazilian style simply has a less fabric.  The rise is lower with most styles sitting right at the hip.  In the back, the sides of the bottom have been skimmed off to allow more skin to show for a cheekier, more flirtatious look.  More extreme versions of the Brazilian bottom have emerged with some offering a thong in the back.  For the truly daring, there are even g-string versions available to sport.  For anyone who’s shopping for a new bikini and wanting a new look, try the Brazilian bikini.  It’s undeniably sexy and you will immediately notice the attention you will get from wearing one.